OpenNebula 6 / Gluster - images created or imported remain LOCKED

Hi all,

I’ve set up OpenNebula (6) in combination with Gluster datastores. But when I download an image from the Appstore (i.e. the OpenNebula Debian 10 image) the image stays LOCKED forever. If I download it to local storage it works fine, so it feels like something to do with how OpenNebula interacts with the Gluster datastores.

To clarify: I have three datastores in addition to the default ones, all of which are TM_MAD SHARED (they are symlinks in to the gluster mount on the OneAdmin node and on the KVM node).

After setting this up I downloaded images from the Appstore. I can see the file being downloaded in the datastore directory, and after a while file seems completed: It no longer changes in size and the md5 hash from the app store is the same as md5sum on the file itself. However, it still remains LOCKED.

To check its related to the Gluster datastores I’ve also downloaded an image to the local filesystem store and that works fine (state READY).

I’ve also ruled out it is related to the Appstores download - If I create an image by copying an ISO file from the local filesystem in to the Gluster datastores the image also ends up LOCKED, even though the copy operation itself works fine and the files have matching md5sums.

OpenNebula logs are not telling me anything here, no blatant error messages or such. Hopefully someone here can either share experiences or point me to where I can further troubleshoot the issue?


Hi @florianoverkamp,

It might be related with this: F #5058: improve sparse files image management (#240) · OpenNebula/one@4db78e2 · GitHub. Could you try to apply the patch mentioned and check again?

If it keeps failing it would be useful if you can share the oned.log file.