The images are locked

OpenNebula 6.2.0
NFS for datastores.
When I created images,they would be locked.I could not get the SOURCE of them by 'oneimage show '.But there were image caches appeared in the path of NFS.

I could not enable these images.When I delete these images,caches were still in the path of NFS

Hello @Sidney,

When an image is LOCKED after creating it, it means OpenNebula is downloading or creating it, you need to wait until the process finishes.

You can check the running processes with ps auxx, you would find some downloader command.


such as ‘/var/lib/one/remotes/datastore/fs/cp’ ?
but this command was executed on March 11.

It had spent too many hours.
And in the datastore directory, a file of the same size as the image has been generated.

I have literally same issue. Do you have any solutions? NFS Storage, image downloaded already but status is still LOCKED. And will be LOCKED forever i guess. May be problem in some permissions for storage?