Images go into LOCKED state indefinitely

When we download images from the marketplace or upload our own images, images are in LOCKED state forever. We have two types of datastores(OneStor & Ceph). The issue persists on both type of datastores. Access to internet from hosts is fine, we verified it by downloading an image using wget.


Datastore Configuration:

Everything was fine till yesterday. This has started all of a sudden.

Restarting opennebula.service helped for sometime. Same is happening again. Images are in LOCKED state forever.

Following is the status of opennebula.service

Hi @Nikhil_Kumar,

Which OpenNebula version are you using in you environment?

Hello @cgonzalez ,

We are using OpenNebula 6.0.2, Issue got resolved when we brought back one of the ceph clusters online which was down due to some reasons. But is this an expected behaviour that if one image datastore goes down all other image datastores will also stop working?

No, Datastores works independently from each other. However if several datastores are using the same Ceph cluster, they could be affected by the storage outage.


Hello @ruben,

We have three different datastores(2 ceph based datastores,1 local storage). Two ceph datastores are from two different ceph clusters. Not sure why all image datastores got affected.

thanks for the awesome information.