[Solved] Question about datastores and oversubscribed images

Hi all

Maybe this is a bit silly question, for testing reasons we are trying to generate some oversubscribed images in our Ceph datastore. The idea is to generate images or datablocks bigger than the Ceph datastore capacity. That is possible if you use the rbd command but OpenNebula (and this is very good :slight_smile: ) detects your current datastore capacity and the size required for the new image and refuses to generate that image.

The question is, any easy way to avoid this oversize check? As I said we only want to try this internally, not for external users. I have changed the Datastore value:




But Opennebula (5.4.1) still complains about the image size, do I need to include something else? or is not possible to change this option after the datastore creation?

Thanks in advance


I’m replying to myself, maybe I did something wrong because DATASTORE_CAPACITY_CHECK=“no” works, actually we can create big images, bigger than the Ceph total storage.

Cheers and thanks