OpenNebula and Ceph Luminous client.libvirt user permissions

Ppl, just to let you know.

If you are going to use OpenNebula with ceph datastore and your Ceph cluster is already Luminous, be careful reading ONE docs. Better use ceph original documentation till devs include changes to the ONE ones.

Long story short: you need to use the following command on ceph user creation:

ceph auth get-or-create client.libvirt mon ‘profile rbd’ osd ‘profile rbd pool=libvirt-pool’

Otherwise you’ll get errors in case of unexpected host\hypervisor termination. mon ‘allow r’ doesn’t allow the user co blacklist dead client locks which in turn leads to read-only rbd image mode and, finally, to virtual partitions unmountability and write errors.


we had our installation running for a while. If you created the user the old way you can update his RBD caps like this:

ceph auth caps client.libvirt mon 'profile rbd' osd 'profile rbd pool=one'

Afterwards you are using the latest and correct permission scheme for luminous.

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Exactly, thank for extending my warning with useful info.