OpenNebula Ansible Modules

Hi, I’ve just published my ansible modules for OpenNebula:

As far I can see, writing modules on shell is pretty easy. I would be very happy if someone want to get involve into developing of the rest modules.


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Hi, there are already opennebula modules in ansible

so you should contribute to existing instead of making new.

Here is github repo

Hello @kvaps,

I agree with Kristian, better to cooperate and add missing features to current modules than starting from scratch creating new.

Or is there any particular reason why you deiced not to use them?


Let’s bring little clarity about these modules.

I was just publish my working modules which I use for my needs by myself.
Mainly I use them not for instantiate new VMs, but for configure OpenNebula clusters itself.

I will continue using and develop them because they meet my needs completely.

There is few reasons why this modules can’t be merged into main ansible branch, the main reason is that drivers are written on simple shell scripting, but not on python.

I used shell scripting because writing ansible modules on shell is very easy, second reason is that almost all opennebula drivers written by similar way on bash, so there is shouldn’t be any problem to support them.

Thanks for understanding!

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