OpenNebula Compute Node Install with one NIC

I was wondering it it were possible to install ON on a node with only one NIC for WAN connectivity. HA is not needed here. Also, storage(for the VMs) would be local on one host.

Hello, I don’t see any limitation why it is not possible. So generally, yes, it is possible. Another question is, how you want/need setup network.

Hey there, thanks for the reply. I hope to accomplish something similar to this:

Since ON has a DHCP service integrated with it, I think it should be able to automatically assign IPs to VMs as well, right?

Hello, IP assigning is by done by Opennebula and configuration itselft in VMs is done via one-context scripts

But of course you can setup DHCP server, but you need to add static asssignments to it by generating IP/MAC pairs from Opennebula via API or if you don’t plan network config more often, just one time generating and pasting to DHCP server configuration.

In past I program simple script, which generates MAC/IP pairs for DNSMASQ as DHCP/DNS server and also generate PORT forwardings for Shorewall firewall.

If you need consultations and/or help with setup you infrastructure, feel free to contact me. I offer this services