Opennebula HA automated script

Hi ,

I think its use full for newbie’s .
Visit .

I think it will help ,who suffers to create opennebula as HA cluster .
Used glusterfs as shared storage and OpenVswitch as network backend.

You guys also can edit this script .

Thank You.

Hi friend,

I really appreciate your script. Can you explain a bit more? And post examples?

Well, congratulations, I will try to play with your scripts. But, I am using Debian.

Thank you

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Hi Astor_Palmeira,

First of all thanks for your compliment.
Please refer github page , you will get the points . I am just focusing on CentOS distro , thats what i am not trying to writing scripts for debian installation . I will try to write this on future.

1 . Need fresh CentOS 7 system with firewalld and SE Linux disabled .
2 . install git package & set FQDN for both systems and add there IP’s in each /etc/hosts files.
3 . We are using shared storage to get HA function , for that need to mount disk on a location .
Eg : /data
4 . After mount , create a directory inside the mount point . Because we are going to use GlusterFS as share storage and gluster will not support exact mount point to work with .
Eg : /data/disk

These are the initial settings. After that you need to clone git repo . And run first .
Follow file.
Short steps are,

1 . Gluster
2 . Install OpenNebula
3 . Configure OVS (OpenVswitch)
4 . Cluster configuration .

Soon i will create video demo for this.

Hi jamesarems,

Thanks for your effort. I’m interested in building a HA-setup using LizardFS. Have checked their documentation also with your readme on github but as being new into this, not clear yet about minimum required number of physical servers.

Q1: Is it possible to build a LizardFS system with total of just two physical servers?
Q2: Is it possible to install opennebula nodes on the same physical nodes of LizardFS or should they be separated?



Yes , It is possible

I wrote the script only for two machines . If you are familiar with scripting you can edit the source shell file .

Hi ,

I have added some more features in that script .

After installation you will be able to control Opennebula system’s terminal console via Web .

Try it .

Also planning to integrate Icinga into it . This is an Open Source project to help newbie’s to setup there cloud environment with one click . Contributions are accepted .