Opennebula terraform variables

I need some help with export Opennebula variables to terraform.
In a .tr file i add:

provider "opennebula" {
endpoint = ""
username = "terraform"
password = "password"

Everything is working correctly.

But I don’t want to keep credentials in the .tf file, so i add the credentials to linux variables:

export TF_VAR_endpoint=
export TF_VAR_username=terraform
export TF_VAR_password=password

But when i run terraform plan i get:

  The URL to your public or private OpenNebula

  Enter a value: 

How to add variables correctly?

I found the solution to a similar problem in the TF documentation. Are you missing a series of variable statements to link the env variables into TF?

variable "endpoint" {}
variable "username" {}
variable "password" {}

…which you then link into the code?

provider "opennebula" {
  endpoint = var.endpoint
  username = var.username
  password = var.password

I’d choose better variable names, but I wrote that to match the environment that is being sent into TF by your code above.

TL;DR - you now need stubbed variable definitions to position your environment variables into the TF code, and you need to use those variables in a provider specification.