OpenNebula Zabbix template

Hi, I have written Zabbix-template for OpenNebula, you can found it here:

I want to contibute to OpenNebula group on github. :slight_smile:


Hi kvaps, it looks excellent, but what do you mean with ZFS-storage? It’s zabbix!

Hi, this is just copy&paste mistake from my previous contribution.
Sorry, fixed :slight_smile:

Great job!! looking forward to use it on my datacenter

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Hi @kvaps, is this Zabbix add-on supposed to work with the latest version of OpenNebula?

Thanks for your work!!

Hi, sorry I can’t confirm this for sure since we’re still on 5.10 and also switched to prometheus exporter

But I think that 5.12 have no significant changes in API for XML-resources, so it should work as well.

BTW, latest zabbix should also have native support for prometheus exporter format.

@kvaps I have a Prometheus server up and running, can you give me a little instructions on how to use the opennebula-exporter.
Thanks a million!! :slight_smile:

Just run this script by cron,

*/1 * * * * /usr/local/bin/ > /var/lib/opennebula_exporter/textfile_collector/opennebula.prom.$$ && mv /var/lib/opennebula_exporter/textfile_collector/opennebula.prom.$$ /var/lib/opennebula_exporter/textfile_collector/opennebula.prom

And collect the metrics use standard node-exporter with

Amazing! Thank you!!
Do you have a Grafana dashboard setup for this?


Currently I have nothing to share, but I would be very glad if you build and share some :slight_smile:

Im very new to Prometheus\Grafana im starting to build a dashboard will keep you updated.

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