Possibilities to import an OVA image

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I would like to know which are the current possibilities to create an image by uploading an OVA image. How are you managing this for your users?

I know there is the possibility to do it through the AppMarket addon, http://opennebula.org/appmarket-2-0-beta-1-9-80/ . Therefore, one possibility is to allow users to create their own images on the AppMarket so they can create an image from an OVA format. But I wonder if there is another way to get this or how are you managing this.

On the other hand, about allowing users to create their own images on the AppMarket, is there any way to configure it in the way that a group/user only can see the images created by their group/himself or herself and also the ones created by oneadmin user?

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You can use the catalog functionality for this:

We are working on improving and doing a more tight integration of the marketplace features into the OpenNebula core for version 5.0. So, any feedback or use case is more than welcome.

Hi @dmolina

Thank you very much for letting us know :smile:

A use case for us is to allow users to create their own images on the AppMarket addon, so they can also create/import an image from an OVA format in an easy way. And on the other hand, we need to configure the AppMarket as in the ACLS way, so for instance, we can allow users to create images only under their own group at the AppMarket addon and also to only see/use the images from their group and the ones produced by us (for example, from oneadmin user) at the AppMarket.

I need to try the catalog functionality for my previous comment but I think maybe this could be also managed by ACLs since we already created specific ACLS for each group :smile:

That would be a perfect use case for us and something we would like to implement.

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