Problem with shutdown VM

When I Power off VM, Opennebula deletes the bridge interface and network DOWN. In VM log I see “Executed “sudo ip link delete br0”.”

Versions of the related components and OS (frontend, hypervisors, VMs):


Steps to reproduce:
Push POWEROFF button.

Current results:
Deleted bridge interface on the hypervisor

Expected results:

This is the normal behavior. After no more VM is using the bridge, it will destroy it. OpenNebula assumes the resources it manages are only used by it. In other words, don’t use a resource that OpenNebula manages. For example, if you need a bridge (for example, for management), create a new one.

But, in my scenario, I need to have a bridge (br1) with an IP address to allow connectivity from all my VMs to Internet. This scenario is in this way because I have create three differents virtual networks, two with no Internet connectivity and last one with connectivity, using NAT. Then, br1 has assigned an IP internal (private) IP address in the same network range for all the virtual network that has internet connectivity. But when OpenNebula delete bridge and, then, recreate it when a new VM is created, that bridge (br1) is recreated but its IP is not assigned… so it is a big problem to me.

What can I configure OpenNebula to avoid this?


Hi @Daniel_Ruiz_Molina,

You can use dummy instead of bridge as driver (VN_MAD) to work with already configured bridges.

This is also valid.


Where I can configure “dummy”? In /etc/one/oned.conf?