Problems with Spanish keyboard

Hello @pczerny @ahuertas ,

my server is running OpenNebula 6.4.0 CE with Guacamole for the VNC connections. Before last OpenNebula upgrade, when my system was running, key “`” (acute) worked fine, but after upgrading to 6.4.0 CE, it doesn’t work. This key is very important because is the execution tilde. Logs don’t report anything… so I don’t know how to solve it.

When in VNC tab I open the “on board” keyboard, it appears in english. I can change it to spanish, but even pressing key “`” (next to “P” on the right), it doesn’t appear anything; however, all the rest of keys seem to work perfectly.

I have tested this behavior with Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS instances.

Could you help me?

Thanks a lot.