Provisioning / add a new hosts to the frontend

I’am new to OpenNebula and trying to get my local homelab running before we plan any moves further on.

I created a vagrant based stack GitHub - EugenMayer/opennebula-lab: Quickly spin up an opennebula lab with a frontend and 2 compute nodes using vagrant where I

  1. create and ssh key and deploy that one to the frontend node to /root/.ssh and /var/lib/one/.ssh (prior minione)
  2. install opennebula via minione on the frontend node
  3. install 2 compute nodes with qemu installed
  4. deploy the prior generated ssh public key to /root/.ssh/authorized_keys on both compute nodes
  5. populate the known_hosts of frontend at /root/.ssh/known_hosts and /var/lib/one/.ssh/known_hosts for frontend/compute1/compute2

While opennebula starts up and is accessible, i cannot add those hosts. While i can do a (as root on frontend): ssh compute1 - adding the host in the GUI always leads to an issue.

What is the design to actually provision a host? Do i need to create a one user myself on the target host and then ensure that i can connect as one from frontend to one@compute1 and do i need to manually replicate that one home folder on compute1/2 should be /var/lib/one? Is there any better tooling to that?

I have found and followed KVM Node Installation — OpenNebula 6.0.3 documentation but i do not understand

  • which user is used by the opennebula process when connecting to the compute host. I mean which “source user” and which "target user`
  • how to properly setup a target hosts structure before the first connection?

Thank you for any help

I finally found out that provisioning a host properly requires the installation of opennebula-node-kvm on the host opennebula-lab/ at master · EugenMayer/opennebula-lab · GitHub

I’am still not sure where this is part of the docs right now, if I just missed it while reading through the docs over and over again. I did not happen to find that in the docs but rather by reverse-engeneering an old vagrant lab stack.

Beside that, if anybody is interested, you can use this to spin up a OpenNebula stack with a frontend and to compute nodes

git clone
cd opennebula-lab
make start

See the repo for anything else