KVM Node installation


I am setting up opennebula cloud and I have never done anything like this.

So my problem is when I start the KVM Node Installation and I complete the installation the guide says this:

OpenNebula Front-end connects to the hypervisor Hosts using SSH. You must distribute the public key of oneadmin user from all machines to the file /var/lib/one/.ssh/authorized_keys in all the machines. There are many methods to achieve the distribution of the SSH keys, ultimately the administrator should choose a method (the recommendation is to use a configuration management system). In this guide we are going to manually scp the SSH keys.

When the package was installed in the Front-end, an SSH key was generated and the authorized_keys populated. We will sync the id_rsa, id_rsa.pub and authorized_keys from the Front-end to the nodes. Additionally we need to create a known_hosts file and sync it as well to the nodes. To create the known_hosts file, we have to execute this command as user oneadmin in the Front-end with all the node names and the Front-end name as parameters:

ssh-keyscan … >> /var/lib/one/.ssh/known_hosts

Now we need to copy the directory /var/lib/one/.ssh to all the nodes. The easiest way is to set a temporary password to oneadmin in all the hosts and copy the directory from the Front-end:

scp -rp /var/lib/one/.ssh :/var/lib/one/
scp -rp /var/lib/one/.ssh :/var/lib/one/
scp -rp /var/lib/one/.ssh :/var/lib/one/

So my question is how do I find out the names of these nodes or do I need to create them first and the execute the command ssh-keyscan.

I would realy appreciate the help.

install opennebula-node then exec ssh-keyscan. Regarding the names you can use ips.

I figured out that I can ips and for the front end there is no problem , the problems are those nodes beacuse I have no clue how to get ips for them

What do you mean by that

Never minde I figured things out. Just needed some time to cool off and
think. Sometimes I need a little more time before I figure things out.

  1. jul. 2017 19:20 je oseba “Daniel Clavijo Coca” <
    opennebula@discoursemail.com> napisala:

I am totally new to the cloud concept so please take my advice with a grain of salt but…
I never configured anything based on IPs. It is really quick to configure a DNS and use FQDN, as the matter of fact DNS is the first server in all my stacks.

I usually install the host on Ubuntu 16 (only because thats what I am most familiar with), and install Webmin right away.
Then I disable NetworkManager so I can manage the network again via Webmin.
Then I install Wok/Kimchi to make some KVM nodes quickly, and on those I install the rest - DNS, DHCP, NFS and so on - so I can model and test a cluster.

I am not a Linux expert and without Webmin I really have a hard time but - Webmin has some very nice features, namely the DNS and DHCP management, Webmin Server Index and Clustering… Not a replacement for Ansible and other config managers but it is very user friendly. So again, I create a DNS zone like opennebula.local and from then on I do not use IPs at all.