/var/lib/one/.ssh/id_rsa (No such file or directory)

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I’m following this guide to deploy opennebula-node-kvm on Debian 11, but no SSH keys are created for oneadmin user, and the only command available post installation is onegate-proxy.

Am I missing something?

Thank you.
Expected results:

Assuming you are trying to deploy cluster node (CNs) where virtual instances will be running. Keys for oneadmin user are created on front-end node (FN) only. They needs to be distributed across your cluster nodes (CNs) as written in the doc you are referring to.

To enable passwordless login on your infrastructure, you must copy authentication configuration for oneadmin user from Front-end to all your nodes. We’ll distribute only known_hosts created in the previous section and oneadmin’s SSH public key from Front-end to your nodes. We don’t need to distribute oneadmin’s SSH private key from Front-end, as it’ll be securely delegated from Front-end to hypervisor Nodes with the default SSH authentication agent service running on the Front-end.

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