Qcow2 non-shared system DS?

I’m trying out 5.9.80 version of opennebula with the view to doing a large deployment with no shared storage. As part of this deployment we need to be able to take snapshots of in-use disk images. However it looks like the standard ssh TS doesn’t support live snapshot creation, and the qcow2 TS doesn’t support non-shared storage. But it seems to me like this would be a relatively common request/use-case? Is there a way to do this, or do I need to create a new TS based around the qcow2 TS but combining the scp-type aspects of the ssh TS? Has anyone done this already?

Hello @mzealey,

Maybe this is what you are looking for http://docs.opennebula.org/5.8/deployment/open_cloud_storage_setup/fs_ds.html#combining-the-shared-ssh-transfer-modes.

Nope, that is for image DS as shared, system DS as standalone ssh as far as I have understood.

Hi, you need to create custom storage driver, by combining non shared one with qcow2.