snap_create for combination of qcow2 and ssh TM


i’ve started using the offline disk snapshots on ONE 4.14.2 and i’ve encountered some troubles. My image datastore uses qcow2 TM driver. However my system datastores use SSH TM driver. When I wanted to create a snapshot, it always failed because it was trying to execute ‘readlink’ on the ONE frontend where the image of the VM was not available.

I had to bypass it by modifying the qcow2 TM driver - the change is somewhere around line 79 - just to make readlink execute on the remote host (addition of the backslash):

Now I can both create and revert snapshots.

Is this a bug or have I done something wrong?


It may be a bug. Please open a ticket at with the description and a link to this thread, this way it won’t get buried in the forum.


here’s the ticket:
I’ve made a pull request with fix as well.

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