Question about MySQL database maintenance

Hi all

We were running OpenNebula for a while in our cluster and at this moment we want to cleanup the current mariadb database. We saw from the documentation:

how to do that in 5.10.x, we are running the same version in our server at this moment.

Unfortunately we get an error running these commands (we have stopped opennebula service first):

MariaDB [opennebula]> alter table vm_pool drop index ftidx;
ERROR 1091 (42000): Can't DROP 'ftidx'; check that column/key exists

maybe the documentation is outdated and the index name is wrong? should we use a different command to cleanup our database?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @alvaro_simongarcia,

Note that OpenNebula only creates the index if the current version of the MariaDB servers supports it. MariaDB >= 10.0.5 is required.

Can you confirm that your current version is lower than 10.0.5?

Hi @cgonzalez

Thanks a lot for the reply. Yes indeed, I’m testing this in a very old version with CentOS7. mariadb-server-5.5.64-1.el7 so it does not support this feature.

Thanks for the tip!


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