Questions about snapshots

Hello, I have few questions about general snapshots functionality. I am actually writing storage driver for HPE 3PAR array and I hit some design incompatibilities.

Snapshots hierarchy - on 3PAR each snapshot of volume is independend, so there are no children or parents. Only parent is base volume and base volume can have children.

So I need folowing two things:

  • have flat snapshots like on this screenshot (from CEPH issue). How it is possible?
  • in 3PAR is not “active” snapshot. Base volume is still active with latest changes, snpashots contains data from creating time (resp. just point to some time), so I need to delete any snapshot without restrictions like “have children”, “is active”

Thanks for any advice

Hi Kristian,

You must set ALLOW_ORPHANS=YES in oned.conf for your datastore’s TM_MAD_CONF and in the templates of the datastores using this TM_MAD if they were created after the change.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,
Anton Todorov

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Hello, thank you! Just another thing, after snapshot, last snapshot is marked “active” can this be disabled by config, or I have to do ‘onevm update-body’ command?

Hi Kristian,

I am not aware of a way to disable it :frowning: