Configure Flatten Snapshot


I’m curious about how to organized snapshot to be flat structure? Recently I have tree-like structure.

Related to this article: Managing Disk Snapshots

These snapshots can be organized, depending on the storage backend.

So how I configure the storage backend to create snapshot in flat structure?

Please give advice :grinning:


Hi, if you are writing own driver, then you can control it by


attr in oned.conf for transfer manager. Changing it on existing drivers can break snapshot functionality

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Ah I see. Thanks for your insight :grinning:

As I can see, when I create disk snapshot, it will automatically revert to it’s snapshot (last snapshot).
Can I set whenever I create disk snapshot, it just stay at it’s currently snap_id?

Currently snap_id: 3. Then I create disk snapshot, it will create snap_id 4, and also revert to snap_id 4.
Can I set so it’s just stayed at snap_id 3 ?