Redundant OneFlow / OneGate servers possible?


We currently have a single OneFlow and OneGate daemon running. Can this be made redundant?For example sunstone on VM1 connecting to OneGate / OneFlow on VM2 and sunstone on VM3 connecting to OneGate / OneFlow on VM4.

Hi Stefan,

OneGate is a stateless server so you can use as many servers as you want, or run different processes. The only problem that you will find is that the ONEGATE_URL that is injected in the VM context is defined in oned.conf, therefore only one url can be defined.

On the other hand OneFlow cannot be deployed with multiple processes/servers since it starts the Service LCM, but this is something that is in our roadmap [1]. We have recently moved the synchronisation mechanism from oneflow-server to oned, but there are still missing things to allow multiple oneflow-server instances.