Replacing frontend


I have a new a ONE setup with one frontend and a couple of backends in cluster.
The frontend was setup in a small external vm, it’s using mysql and mounting the datastores via nfs.
Now I’d like to move the frontend to another box.

Since we’re using mysql, is it as easy as installing the packages and configuring the new frontend to use the same nfs datastores and DB?
Or does it keep any configuration about the running cluster locally and I should copy it as well?


If your are using an external mysql server also reachable by the new frontent and the datastores are already shared by nfs you will only need to copy /var/lib/one/vms , /var/log/one and the configuration in /etc/one.

If I’m not mistaken, the auth keys in /var/lib/one/.one/ are also needed

Thanks for the info. I’ll give it a try and let update the post.

i wonder how it turn out since i’m facing the same problem