Scons failing in devuan

Trying to install OpenNebula from source in Devuan. I have installed all the dependencies, but scons seems to fail because it can’t find xmlrpc libs.
In Devuan/Debian8 we have libxmlrpc-core-c3-dev instead of libxmlrpc-c3-dev that the docs seem to tell us about.

$ xmlrpc-c-config --version 1.33.14

The log can be found here:

Is there some kind of workaround that has to be done?


You may need to provide the path to the libraries with the scons xmlrpc option:
$ scons xmlrpc="/path/to/libs"

Does not help unfortunately.

$ls /usr/include/xmlrpc-c abyss.h client_global.h inttypes.h server_cgi.h util.h abyss_unixsock.h client.h json.h server.h abyss_winsock.h config.h oldxmlrpc.h server_w32httpsys.h base.h c_util.h server_abyss.h transport.h

–The log says base.hpp isn’t found. I also can’t find it anywhere on my machine.–

Instaling libxmlrpc for c++ seems to have helped… Why?!

There are other missing hpp files there that are used by OpenNebula core,
could it be a problem with the xml-rpc instllation? e.g. build flags or the

#include <xmlrpc-c/base.hpp>

#include <xmlrpc-c/registry.hpp>

#include <xmlrpc-c/server_abyss.hpp>
#include <xmlrpc-c/client_simple.hpp>

Note that this are the C++ bindings…