Send us your feedback on FireEdge, our new provisioning tool 📡

Hello everyone!

Now that OpenNebula 6.0 “Mutara” has been available for almost three months, and you’ve all been able to have a look at our new Edge Cloud Architecture based on Edge Clusters that can be deployed on premises, on the cloud, or at the edge, we’d love to hear from you!

Please, send us your feedback about this new model and the tools we’ve made available in version 6.0. Have you already used FireEdge to set up a hybrid/multi-cloud environment? Have you faced some limitation? Any new feature you’d like to suggest? :nerd_face:

PS - If for whatever reason you prefer to send us a private message, feel free to use to contact us (this is our PGP Public Key, btw) :wink:


The steps for adding GCP does not discuss horizontal scaling of hypervisors or contraction when a hypervisor is not used. Am I missing something? It reads as though you allocate upfront hypervisors with no further scaling up or down. Is that correct?

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Hi @josephg

THANKS for your feedback! You are right, this first version you need to allocate all cluster resources upfront. Later you can decommission host (oneprovision host delete, or Web GUI) but no new hosts can be added.

This is definitely in our radar for future versions, we want also to add some elasticity rules (similar to those in oneflow) to automatically add/remove nodes to the cluster.


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Thanks for the confirmation.