Sharing IP networks with VMware and KVM


We have been using OpenNebula with VMware for a very long time and now slowly transitioning to KVM.

We have allocated all our IPv4 addresses to one Virtual Network which has been used with VMware and now we’d need to provision those addresses for KVM too.

Obviously the bridge creation fails in KVM with VMware attributes but is there a way to use the same virtual network for both hypervisors?

I can, of course, create new virtual network to be used with KVM and bring addresses over one by one by holding them in virtual network used by VMware and adding them as address ranges in virtual network for KVM but that’s a bit manual.

My question is can I share IP addressing somehow for VMware and KVM?

We’d like to keep IP addressing as much in automatic control of OpenNebula as possible.

Thank you!

OpenNebula 6.8.2
KVM: AlmaLinux 9.3
vCenter+ESXi 7.0U3


Anyone facing the same problem when migrating from VMware hosts to KVM hosts but would like to keep the same IP addressing in place?

Only problem is the bridge type which is different in networks for VMware and KVM so it can’t work for two different type of clusters.

Thinking if there’s custom code to use one bridge type when instantiating for VMware host and the other when instantiating for KVM but keep the IP address space shared.

How can we migrate from VMware to other platforms if we have to change IP addresses?

Sounds it’s not reality but sure doable for the machine and data itself easily.

I hope I’m just missing something obvious.

Hi @tentacle :wave:

You might be interested in the new tool we are developing called oneswap. Please find below the description of the tool that you can find in the wiki:

OneSwap aims to provide a smooth VM migration path from vCenter to OpenNebula KVM using the command line. OneSwap should be ran directly from the OpenNebula frontend as it will automatically create the resources for your virtual machine.

I highly encourage you to take a look at our next webinar about this tool! :rocket: I’m sure you will find it useful if you are migrating from VMware to KVM.