Single Interface on Node mapped to Virtual Network

I have a question that I hope is simple to answer, first of all, my network typology.

2 Nodes, managed by a single front end.

( Physical PC -----G0/1/13- Network Switch -G0/1/0 -------eth1- Node1(KVM) -------Virtual Server(

I also have another remote site with a similar configuration.

( Physical PC -----G1/7- Network Switch -G1/10 -------eth3- Node2(KVM) -------Virtual Server(

We are stuck creating a physical to Virtual LAN mapping (Bridge Interface). I need to map the port on Node 1 (eth1) to a virtual network so that I can assign the virtual server to this subnet.

How do I go about building the virtual network inside OpenNebula? How do I assign the virtual network bridge interface to s single port? I do not need the virtual network to be built on host2, only host1.

Can anyone point us in the right direction.

Thank You,