Snapshots from volatile disks


is there a way to make snapshots from volatile disks?

My usecase: having very large disks as images means very long deployment times as the image is being copied to the host, even if it’s an empty image.

Using a volatile disk solves most of this problem, but volatile disks are not snapshot-able and they are assumed to be disposable any time. I would like to have very large empty disks directly attached to VM (so I can deploy quickly), and eventually be able to take snapshots and move those disks around (when they are filled with data).

Is there a way to achieve this?

High, Right now this is not possible. Our approach is to tackle this with
the resize feature planed for 4.14. Ideally, you would be able to have base
disks (where you can add base content) and specify a size at deployment
time. These will be full-featured disks.

Thanks, that will actually be perfect for my use case. Looking forward 4.14.