[SOLVED] Why is cpu overcommitment not more than 2?

Hello, why is CPU overcommitment not more than 2 (CPUs Threads x2)?
In my infrastructure, I usually see that real CPU load is much less than allocated CPUs on hosts (about 1:10). Hence I want to increase the CPU overcommitment coefficient from 2 to 5-8.
Is it possible?

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You can enter a custom value which is higher than x2

Really? Default value 800, maximum value 1600

What version Opennebula do you use?
My version is 5.4.6
May you have changed default settings somewhere?

Iā€™m using OpenNebula 5.6.0
I think there was a bug in version 5.4.6 if I remember correctly.

You should try updating

Thank you!
I will update my opennebula

Sorry it was my stupid mistake.
I have tried to move slider instead of typing the necessary digits in field.

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