Sql error:error 1062 : Duplicate entry '32' for key 'PRIMARY'

I installed opnenebula on Redhat, using mysql database, but now my database has a problem:
The log file is written like this:
Fri Apr 13 21:44:16 2018 [Z0][ONE][E]: SQL command was: INSERT INTO marketplaceapp_pool (oid, name, body, uid, gid, owner_u, group_u, other_u) VALUES (32,‘Amazon Linux 2 - KVM’,‘3200oneadminoneadmin1523548885Amazon Linux 2 - KVM<ZONE_ID></ZONE_ID><ORIGIN_ID></ORIGIN_ID>25600<MARKETPLACE_ID>0</MARKETPLACE_ID>mymarket11<OWNER_U>1</OWNER_U><OWNER_M>1</OWNER_M><OWNER_A>0</OWNER_A><GROUP_U>1</GROUP_U><GROUP_M>0</GROUP_M><GROUP_A>0</GROUP_A><OTHER_U>1</OTHER_U><OTHER_M>0</OTHER_M><OTHER_A>0</OTHER_A><IMPORT_ID></IMPORT_ID>’,0,0,1,1,1)
error 1062 : Duplicate entry ‘32’ for key ‘PRIMARY’

I have already tried to delete this record from the database,But it did not solve the problem,Whenever I delete it,opnenebula will add it again,It will still cause the entire cluster to fail.

I hope to get help here.Thanks in advance!

I don’t understand why opennebula keeps writing this record to the database,I am looking for the code to write this data to the database, but I have no idea~~

ok,I solved the current problem by removing some logdb and running fsck, but I can’t guarantee that this issue will not happen. now everything is normal