Static network contextualization with vCenter template

OK I sincerely apologize to all as I’ve dragged many of you through my trials and errors. So I’ve managed to get the naming of VMs in OpenNebula corrected by using the onevm command to create the VMs instead of using the onetemplate instantiate command. Problem that I still have though is that VMs are defined as one-VMID-hostname. Tino pointed this out based on this code:

So I’m OK with this change. The other issue that I have may be related to the following limitation with the vCenter drivers?

Quote “No files in context: Passing entire files to VMs is not supported, but all the other CONTEXT sections will be honored”

Am I reading this correctly? Issue is that I need to automate the installation, registration and running of the chef-client application on these VMs. I can’t have admins logging in to run these manually as I’ll be creating hundreds of these. Sure I can run the VMs through an pssh command, but that defeats the purpose of the contextualization in my opinion.

One more thing I wanted to ask is it possible to resize the original root filesystem from a template created in vCenter? I ask this because looking at the same documentation page I linked above I see the following section:

In the ReconfigVM_Task, one of the tasks that is available is VirtualMachine.Config.DiskExtend. If it is possible, how do I accomplish this as I did try and nothing occurred? Below is a section from the template file I created. I wanted to extend the size of the current disk from 10GBs to 20GBs:

TARGET=“sda” ]

Thanks and I apologize in advance as I’m no expert in OpenNebula by any means so I hope you can bare with me.