Stuck "booting from hard disk..."

Hi, I’ve been having some issues lately starting VMs with big volume size (3T). I’m using ceph as storage. When starting the VM for the first time, there is no issue. But after the first reboot (after the resize of the disk to 3T) it gets stuck in the BIOS with “booting from hard disk…” indefinitely. I Have to terminated hard and try to recreate. After some tries I get a bootable VM.
I’m using GPT and LVM, the partition which gets resized is sda3 which is the PV for my LVM setup.
I also have the issue when I clone a working 3T volume and try to start a new VM with the cloned image.

Any idea what could be happening? I don’t see anything wrong in the logs. Maybe I have to enable debug somewhere ?

Versions of the related components and OS (frontend, hypervisors, VMs):
centos 7
one 5.6
qemu-kvm 2.10
libvirt 4.3.0

This doesn’t seem to be an issue with OpenNebula, so you won’t be able to find logs on OpenNebula neither. If the bios gets stuck on “booting from hard disk” it means that a HDD was detected, so OpenNebula correctly configured the KVM VM with the correct image from the datastore. You should focus on the image file you are trying to boot from.

I finally found the probleme. This issue was with a udev rule and a custom script I made to automatically resize the lvm physical and logical volume. It was running triggered multiple time thus running the script in parallel. I fix the script by enabling a file lock to prevent parallel execution of it.

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I also tested deploying the same image with virt-manager and it successfully started up. Now my hard disk drive is working successfully.

d3dx9_43 dll missing

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