Sunstone Dashboard showing incorrect Quota values

Hello. I’m working on a Proof of Concept for OpenNebula. One thing I am noticing in the Sunstone dashboard is that the Cloud and GroupAdmin views show a value for Running VMs. However, the value that is actually displayed here is not the Running VM quota, but rather the total VM quota. The same is true for the CPU and Memory quota, but these values don’t read as Running on the dashboard.

I did a lot of searching on this and came up empty. Is this a bug others are seeing, or something isolated to my install?

OpenNebula version 5.10.1 (Saw it in 5.8 also)
OS: RHEL 7.5

Thank you!


Hi Adam,

Considering that the older version I have do not have the Running quota features (set and display) yet, it looks like a bug in recently adding these features: they added the features but did not consistently adjust the cloud view (which is supposed to be simpler) dashboard labels with new data.

I suggest you log the bug in github.