System disk quota always show zero


I’m using OpenNebula 5.2.0 with Ceph. I’m facing a problem. I can’t limit system disk. I have taken the following steps:

  • Create new user with 20GB system disk.
  • Login into new user and create new VM with 20GB disk space.
  • Login into oneadmin and check quota for new user. Sunstone reported in the wrong system disk.

I checked oned.log and did not find anything error. Please give me a hint for solve this problem.

Appreciate your help.

I think this is the expected behavior for Ceph, Ceph clones to the ceph volume to self (see oned.conf TM_MAD_CONF) , so it should be incremente the Image DS size, could you check this? In Ceph only the volatile disks should take space from the system ds… I am not sure if that’s the case for your VM…


Hi ruben,

Thank you for your time. If this is expected behavior then how to limit disk space for new account ? New account limit system disk quota at 20GB and I can create new VM with 40GB on the same account. I was confused about that :frowning:

Hey guys,

I seem to be facing the same situation. Do you have some further information for me?

I have added a quota to the system data store which i hosted on a ceph backend. I can create vms as subuser and it works fine but I do not see that the used space on system ds is increasing.

Hi Guys! Is there any workaround for this? We are having this issue too on version 5.4.6

Sorry, there is no work around it is the way it is supposed to work in Ceph. Note that Ceph does not take space from the system but from image as they use the same ceph pool. If you want to limit the space taken from VMs you should place the quota on the Image Datastore.

There is an issue fixed when computing quotas fixed in 5.6 so I recommend to upgrade.

Thank you, Ruben.