Testing / Learning Installation

i want to setup a Opennebular enviorment for learning and testing.
The Hardware i want to use is a Dell PowerEdge T20 and a Synology DS216+II (iSCSI Storage).

Can anyone help me to get started with a single server installation on debian?


Hi Daniel,
welcome to OpenNebula’s community.

As you’re using only one server you’ll have to install OpenNebula’s front-end and node (where the VM will run using the hypervisor) components in the same machine. That’s perfectly fine for learning and testing, that’s how I started :smiley:

I’d start reading the Concepts and Terminology section in the docs so you can understand what are the main components.

Then I’d start installing the Fron-tend using the installation instructions in the docs which already have information about using Debian 8. Once you have the Front-end, you’ll have to install the node part using the docs

If you have any problem we’re here to help