Too High CPU usage

OpenNebula 4.12.1
CentOS Linux release 7.1.1503 (Core)
2xE5 2620 (Total 24 Cores)

[oneadmin@KVMServer-1 root]$ onehost list
   0 KVMServer-1     -          21  2125 / 50400 (4%) 31.8G / 125.7G (25 on   
[oneadmin@KVMServer-1 root]$ onevm list
    ID USER     GROUP    NAME            STAT UCPU    UMEM HOST             TIME
   282 oneadmin oneadmin VMForTesting001 runn  114    1.2G KVMServer- 174d 21h48
   399 oneadmin oneadmin VMForTesting002 runn    1      2G KVMServer- 146d 13h15
   490 oneadmin oneadmin VMForTesting003 runn    0    1.1G KVMServer- 114d 04h02
   499 oneadmin oneadmin VMForTesting004 runn    0  642.7M KVMServer- 111d 05h21
   504 oneadmin oneadmin VMForTesting005 runn    0  688.2M KVMServer- 106d 10h41
   545 oneadmin oneadmin VMForTesting006 runn   73    1.2G KVMServer- 100d 21h36
   580 oneadmin oneadmin VMForTesting007 susp    0      0K KVMServer-  97d 09h46
   611 oneadmin oneadmin VMForTesting008 runn    1  681.4M KVMServer-  77d 02h15
   615 oneadmin oneadmin VMForTesting009 runn    2  682.6M KVMServer-  77d 01h36
   618 oneadmin oneadmin VMForTesting010 runn    0  682.7M KVMServer-  77d 01h21
   619 oneadmin oneadmin VMForTesting011 runn    1  675.7M KVMServer-  77d 01h15
   623 oneadmin oneadmin VMForTesting012 runn 1100    8.1G KVMServer-  75d 02h03
   626 oneadmin oneadmin VMForTesting013 runn    0  965.3M KVMServer-  73d 00h10
   630 oneadmin oneadmin VMForTesting014 runn   29      4G KVMServer-  71d 12h14
   648 oneadmin oneadmin VMForTesting015 runn    0    4.1G KVMServer-  63d 07h31
   722 oneadmin oneadmin VMForTesting016 runn    0  671.3M KVMServer-  54d 03h41
   723 oneadmin oneadmin VMForTesting017 runn    0  696.8M KVMServer-  49d 02h24
   724 oneadmin oneadmin VMForTesting018 runn  173  697.7M KVMServer-  49d 02h22
   747 oneadmin oneadmin VMForTesting019 runn   22      2G KVMServer-  18d 05h15
   748 oneadmin oneadmin VMForTesting020 runn   66      2G KVMServer-  18d 03h59
   751 oneadmin oneadmin VMForTesting021 runn    1  687.3M KVMServer-   9d 01h05

There are no problems with disks, RAID is OK.
RAID5 with SAS Disks.


I have the same server with clean qemu-kvm, and more than 30 VMs, and there are no those problems.
What can I do with it?

Did you ever resolve this issue?

Unfortunately no.

For me that load is not consider high for a server with 24 cores.