Ubuntu image update

Hi all,

I’m using ubuntu14.04, and i’m having ubuntu14.04 image with packagename-v1.
I want to update the image with new package packagename-v2.

How to do this?
Can i use tools like virt-customize?

Read this article http://opennebula.org/creating-customized-images/ really nice. But it is not working in ubuntu.

Hi thomasalrin,

Can you simply create a packagename-v1 based VM, update what you want and save it to a new image named packagename-v2?

You can use “Save As” in the Storage tab of the VM to do it.

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Hi @michaudg,

Thank you for your reply.

I know this, and i follow this for now. But i want to reduce the time.
I have an image,

  1. i need to upload it to opennebula,
  2. then i need to create a vm using that image,
  3. then i need to install packages,
  4. then i need to take snapshot,
  5. then i need to download the image.

I want to reduce this time.
Did you read this http://opennebula.org/creating-customized-images/ ?

It is so simple. I tried it(virt-customize) in ubuntu, and it has some issues, with its dependency packages.

Anybody solved my problem somewhere?

For packages that have dependencies in Debian/Ubuntu you can use this method:

# dpkg -i package.deb
# apt-get install -f -y

The apt-get command will install the dependencies of packages from repositories.

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