UID and GUID for 5.2 is no longer 9689 ..?

As we build the a new 5.2 System we noted that the UID/GUID assigned to the oneadmin is user is not 9869 as it was in the 4.x versions.

The UID and GUID seemed to be selected as the next available in the stack.

I was under the impression that the UID/GUID for oneadmin had to be the same across ALL nodes (compute and head) to ensure proper play…

The new UID/GUID are in the 100 range and are not always guaranteed to match.

Is this a problem? SHould I be concerned about this deviation?


Sorry, i found the error of my ways… The initial OpenNebula install was from ubuntu repo (not the opennebula repo). And it seems that the ubuntu version uses the next available UID/GUID for oneadmin.
I uninstalled Opennebula, removed oneadmin, updated the sources list to point to correct opennebula repo, and reinstalled. Voila the UID and GUID became 9869.

User Error here…
Hope this thread might help someone else that might make this same mistake in the future.