Unable to create VMs Instances after vCenter Integrations

Hi OpenNebula Team,

I am new to OpenNebula am having issue deploying VM Instances. on my demo environment am using vCenter and we have data store were images are stored and used to store data as well. The thing is it works fine when I create template on vCenter and migrate it to OpenNebula.

But don’t work when the image is form

  1. OpenNebula market place downloaded.(example Centos 7)
  2. vCenter images that are imported to Nebula.

Here are the common errors I am getting:

  1. New state is CLONING_FAILURE
    2.New LCM state is BOOT_FAILURE

Please note: I have gone though documentation and community blogs, but no luck so far. I any any idea please help.

Do you see any errors in the vCenter console?

Hi Tinova,

I recall any error on the vcenter. it tells the Cloned VM already exists and another one error creating clone file.

ok, any relevant error showing in /var/log/one/oned.log?