Uncheck boxes in web browser


is there any configuration way to get that checked boxes in, for example, VMs list or Template list, when you click over one of them and, then, return to principal page, appear unmarked and not still marked?

I have delete some VMs because they were marked at the bottom of the “VM list”, I have marked another one, then I have click over “Terminate” and… all VMs marked have been deleted.


You can tick and untick the top level box on the left side of the ID column header. That will select all and deselect all.


I know, of course, that I could tick and untick all VMs using the top level box on the left side. But what I need is that after selecting one VM and entering to its configuration/menu, if I return back, this selection was unmarked.


If you want us to consider this for upcoming releases, please open a feature request in our github repository. Since is a Sunstone/FireEdge feature, it would be nice to have the description as clear as possible, with screenshots if it makes sense.