Upgrade from 5.10 (self-contained)

Hi! I am quite new and unfamillar with OpenNebula. I have to upgrade from 5.10 to 5.12. Somebody built OpenNebula from source and the way how I got locally this version is self contained. I don’t have any services and I start OpenNebula from particular directory. I can not simply use “yum upgrade”.
I’ve read documentation several times but i am still confused. Is it possible to upgrade OpenNebula built in self-contained way from source? Without using services and packages?

Hello @Jagadaga,

It’s possible, but you will need to do some steps manually. We don’t have specific guides for this but for most of the process you can use the existing documentation for upgrading using packages.

I think that the only step different is that in order to get the new version of the sources, instead of running the corresponding package upgrade command you will need to download the code (or switch to the corresponding branch if you are using Git). Once you have the source files you will need to build and install them (make sure you have a backup of configuration files).

After that, once you have the 5.12 files built and installed you should be able to proceed with the steps provided in the documentation.

Thank you @cgonzalez.

Where is the code which should I download? Github? There is 5.13 in zip.

After download should I use command ./install.sh -k -d my_old_directory ?

I think i got the code.
./install.sh -k -d is ok or should i manually modify files?

Yes, you can find the source code in GitHub.

./install.sh -k -d is ok or should i manually modify files?

Note that -k flag will leave the current configuration files, but you need to update them to the latest version. So you will need to take a backup and after that, take the configuration changes to the new ones as explained here: http://docs.opennebula.io/5.12/intro_release_notes/upgrades/upgrading_single.html (steps 4 & 6).

Thank you very much. I will try.

But i have two problems:

  1. After download opennebula 5.12 I see 5.13.8 on the first, authorization page.
  2. I use mysql but commend

onedb upgrade -v -S localhost -u oneadmin -p oneadmin -d opennebula

doesn’t work. I see message that i should chose database. Shoudl I change database in other place too?

Hi @Jagadaga,

  1. After download opennebula 5.12 I see 5.13.8 on the first, authorization page.

Make sure you are not downloading the development branch. You should use the latest release-5.12.X.

  1. I use mysql but commend

It might be related with some kind of problem with the credentials. Please make sure that you are able to connect with your DB server by using the credentials of the command and that your database name is opennebula. If not update the command accordingly.