Upgraded to latest and oned doesn't start

Hello I upgraded from 5.10 to 5.12 and then to 6.0 through database scripts. Now, when I start oned its not doing anything after ACL Manager started. The RPC server doesn’t start and there is nothing else in the logs.

I have a feeling that this is something to do with database, because when I try to start with clean db, it actually starts.

For reference, my upgrade wasn’t from packages but rather built from source. I left the hashed one_auth and copied one_key from previous installation. I thought those steps worked for me before, but I can’t seem to figure out what is up with it.

Can anyone offer any ideas as the log doesn’t really have anything to chase after?


So, something I have been able to determine is the even though the ACL Manager says started the return code from the aclm->start() is -1, but the runtime error doesn’t get printed.

I was able to somewhat get passed my error. Even though ACL was “starting” it really wasn’t I had to temporarily delete everything in acl table. I must have an entry that is bad there or not compatible…