User Input in service template


is it possible to add user input in the service template? It works at the VM template level but it’s not efficient when you need to set variables for the whole service (like domain name etc) or when you have dozens of VMs in the template.

I try to add this:
DOMAIN_NAME="M|text|Domain Name"
In the “custom_attrs” of my service template. But it doesn’t show in the cloud view, user have not this input.

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This is not currently implemented at the interface level, most of the code is in place but it is not exposed to the user. Indeed, this mechanism is used to set the Network configuration each time a service is instantiated. We could consider implementing it for upcoming release. Could you please open a ticket in our dev portal?

Meanwhile, you can use the OneGate component. With this component you can retrieve information of the service or the VM from inside the VM. You can even push information to one of the VMs and then retrieve it from the other VMs. You could define the DOMAIN_NAME for the master role and then the worker role VMS retrieve it from the master VM using OneGate.

Hope this helps

Hi Daniel,

I have open a ticket in your dev portal

Thanks for you help, in the meanwhile I will use OneGate and one VM with all the information needed for the whole service.