User Input -> Validation & Question Mark Tooltip & Autodelete after Instantiation

Good Morning,

I am at the point of implementing more functionality for my endusers by utilizing user inputs in the context.
While Instantiating a VM in sunstone the user need to input free text for e.g. buidling a Active Directory.

I have three ideas to optimize this process and make it more comfortable and error-prone for the users.

  1. Like used for many other fields in sunstone I would like to define a text for a user input which will activate the question mark tool tip.

  2. Immediate validation of the user input (REGEX based?). If the validation fails the VM won’t be instantiated and the user will get an error message. (I have seen the list type, but this doesn’t replace a free text validation).

  3. For some steps in my context scripts a password entry is needed (e.g. provide a password of an account who can join a VM into an existing domain). But I don’t want this password to be saved in the VM Attributes. Even worse the password is shown in cleartext in the VM Attributes(even thouhg I defined it as password field in the user input).
    My idea is to implement a “Autodelete” Checkbox similar to the mandatory checkbox.

In my oppinion this would bring the user input functionality to another level without sacrificing simplicity. Especially 1. would make the user experience more consistent.

What do you guys think?