VDC and group admin


due a lot of resource that we have now, we are trying to create diferents VDC.

Now im trying with our elearning department.

We have 1 host (for testing) called elearning2
One user that now lunch MV with no problem (learning_U) that connect using ldap

I follow the guidelines 1 and create a Cluster (107 elearning). This cluster have 1host and 1 datastore

the following is set the Group (elearning_G) (and my idea is set the user “learning_U” for admin that VDC…

but the config through Sunstone only give me the option to create an administrator.

my question is… that create a new user? because im only want to give admin privileges to Learning_U not create another user.

Or maybe its possible that the option not create an user just give permissions?

Thanks in advance.

My auto response.

I think to add admin that jet exist, just need to edit the group and add the var “GROUP_ADMINS=”


The process to add administrators after the group is created is described here:

It’s not really convenient or straight-forward, but it will be improved for 4.12