Virtual router connections

I have Multiple tenant tenant networks hosted under opennebula using VXlan for isolation. I then use a virtual router software to handle internet access. Due to needing to give out VPN access I was using untangle as the router software, but for some reason it will work for a few days, and then it will stop giving out IP addresses. I’ve tried as a replacement pfsense and OPNsense, and it deploys as expected, but i’m unable to access the web interface, either external VLAN network or internal VXlan network. I was using IPfire before and I don’t remember having this trouble. I don’t even see the port access in the firewall, it’s like the networks are blocking port 81 and 443.

Hello michael.blanchard, I m really interested in your setup. I’m developing a DMT in the university. I choosed the vlan+gre tunel path.

Reagarding to your question, Untangle is debian based, and pf/OPN sense are Frebsd bassed. ¿Do you configure them via DHCP? Maybe if you are using a contextualization script it fails in freebsd to aisgn your ip. I can’t remmeber properly but the default setup in both places a 192.168.1.X ip in the internal network, if you can do VNC to the machine will be great, some times I was stuck with them just because “sense” was using my internal vnic as external and the external vnic as internal.