VM 1Gbps network interface rx error

I have observed an issue with the KVM VM 1Gbps interface. While adding a 1Gbps interface to the VM generating RX error continuously. Before the upgrade to 1Gpbs, the same VM was running in 100Mbps and working properly.

I would like to request the community to help to resolve the issue.

Hi @mosharaflink,

Could you send the output of onevm show -x <VM_ID>, versions of host and guest OSes, and version of libvirtd you are using.


onevm info attached for your reference. Host OS version is Ubuntu 18.04 and guest OS version is 16.04 and libvirtd (libvirt) version 4.0.0

It seems you forgot to attach the VM info.

onevm-info.txt (2.0 KB)
Thank you for updating me.
Now I am attaching the file for your reference.

You are using the Intel PRO/1000 NIC driver (e1000). Do you have any restriction/requirement to use that network driver (e.g. and old guest OS)? If not, you can try using the para-virtualized network driver (virtio).

We require to use a 1Gpbs network interface for the VM; Interface configuration is managed by OpenNebula; Does there any special configuration for virtio??