The network of new virtual machine is 100MB

hello everyone:
My new virtual machine has a network card of 100MB. How to create a 1GB. Thank you very much.

Set “Default interface” in the VM Template -> Network section to ‘virtio’

Also you could change global defaults in /etc/one/vmm_exec/vmm_exec_kvm.conf:

NIC     = [ model="virtio" ]

and in /var/lib/one/remotes/etc/vmm/kvm/kvmrc:


Please note that after changing the files you must restart the opennebula service and sync the hosts:

systemctl restart opennebula
su - oneadmin -c 'onehost sync --force'

Hope this helps.

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Anton Todorov

As you said, I modified the above two configuration files. Now the created virtual machine can’t see the speed. As shown in the figure
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Here is the link to the first match in a trivial google search (with explanation that could’t be better):

My problem has been solved. Thank you very much! Thank you very much!

Hi, in VM linix , i add defalt nic=virtio, it OK. but VM WINDOW, t try add but no network connection. Solution ?