1G Interfaces configuration on KVM

we started testing opennebula recently for our KVM servers.
I was able to successfully instantiate several VMs on remote KVM host. However, VM NIC speed show only 100M, is it possible to configure the vm NIC for 1G/10G?

on standalone KVM i was able to set it up with direct NIC configuration and virtio module.
how is it possible to set it up with opennebula?

thanks in advance!


Hi ronny,
you can set the card model into VM template under: Template->Network->Select the inferface and you can specify card model here (like e1000 for Inter 1Gb lan card).

thank you! now i have 1G NIC.
is it possible to configure 10G interface?
if not, what about direct mode interface instead of bridge one, is that supported by opennebula?



You must search for a card model that support 10G and that are supported
from Qemu/KVM (like intel E1000 for 1G)
read http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/QEMU/Devices/Network

virtio supports 10 GB and more,
I’ve reached 11GBit on some tests