Storage -> Apps -> Debian 10 - KVM


I’ve dowloaded from the Apps store the following image:

DESCRIPTION Debian 10 image for KVM hosts
IMPORT_ID   5dab16c1-931a-49cb-b6d3-184ba67c83ce
PUBLISHER   OpenNebula Systems
TAGS        debian 
VERSION     5.8.0-1.20190722

after instantiation “ip l” shows only loopback interface, though “lspci” shows RTL-8100/… PCI Fast Ethernet Controller.

Seems image missed some drivers.

PS image “Debian 9 image for KVM hosts” works fine.



the image comes with linux-image-cloud kernel, which is reduced version for use in the cloud environments. You are expected to use a paravirtualized interfaces (NIC model virtio), not the emulated ones.


Thanks a lot, it really helps.
BTW it seems there is a mistype in the docs:

If you want to use the virtio drivers add the following attributes to your devices:

  • DISK , add the attribute DEV_PREFIX="vd" or DEV_PREFIX="sd"
  • NIC , add the attribute MODE="virtio"

I’ve added MODEL="virtio" to had an eth0 appeared in the VM.

Good catch, fixed. Thank you!